Mystery shopping

AIP Consulting contributes to the implementation of customer experience programs, in order to help companies achieve better results.



We design your program taking into account your goals in terms of customer service and experience.


Based on the requirements of the program, visits and interactions via the Internet / telephone are conducted.

Analyze & Report

Compare results and identify high-performance teams. Identify problems and important issues.

mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping helps you identify areas for improvement, providing you with feedback on the company’s image from the customer’s point of view. Companies that use mystery shopping in the right way can increase their sales, satisfied customers and profits.

digital contacts

With digital contacts we have the ability to control all digital channels of your business, such as communication forms on your website, timing and clarity of responses, user experience, speed and accuracy of transaction for e-shops and also communication and presence on social networks.

mystery calls

We research, with our network of researchers, the speed of response of your call center or business, the quality of answers to questions / concerns, feedback to the customer, problem solving and satisfaction with the overall course of the initial request.

store audits

We have experience in detailed store audits. We control the implementation of the rules and procedures of operation of each company at all levels such as: functionality, cleanliness, proper use and availability of equipment, staff training, security, etc.

We are ready to analyze your needs and help you plan the future for your customers.




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