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Mystery Shoppers have an impact on local communities by helping stores become better places for consumers like you to visit. Mystery Shopping leads to real improvement for future customers in areas such as customer service, product selection and cleanliness.


Mystery Shoppers generally work part-time on a flexible schedule. Once a buyer receives an assignment, they go to the store, look around, ask questions, and sometimes even make a purchase. After the visit, the buyer completes a specific questionnaire about the service they received.


You will be paid for each assessment you complete with a fee that you will agree to before completing it. Each evaluation is paid anywhere between €15 to €30 per evaluation with each evaluation lasting about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

You will be paid monthly for the visits you have completed. If you are asked to make a purchase, you will be refunded an amount agreed upon.

Mystery Shopping IS NOT a full time job, but a great way to earn some extra income and will be ideal for those who visit shopping / city centers regularly.


  • Open mind and no intention of criticism
  • Orientation to details
  • The ability to remember and report facts and observations that our customers ask you to gather
  • Flexible program
  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Excel and Internet Experience
  • Skype and e-mail accounts are required
  • Smartphone owner
  • Driving License

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